This project originated from two observations:

  • Cooking is a tedious time consuming task that we do on a daily basis.
  • However most of the dishes we cook consist of simple tasks (like chopping, blending) which can be fully automated.

That is why we designed and manufactured the first 100% automated home cooking robot.

1. Insert ingredients

2. Select your dish

3. Come back when it's done

Proof of Concept


Ingredients (solids and liquids) are placed into containers. Various utensils allow the robot to perform the required tasks. A mechanical arm is equipped with an attachment system. This device operates the various utensils to carry out each task in order to make the dish. A camera is also fixed for image recognition.

First dish (Pancakes)

The specific tasks for the dish are carried out by three modules: a spatula, a syringe and a whisk.


Robot V2

Concept robot

After studying more than 50 dishes and desserts we identified some similarities in the making process. Therefore we came up with V2 which is an improved version of V1 (proof of concept) featuring new tools. This second version of the robot will be able to make 50 different dishes with full autonomy.


New features

More than 50 dishes/desserts can be made.
(And much more to come)

Small oven and hood

Small size, can hold a 20x40 cm baking pan. An odour filtering hood.

Frying pan, saucepan and mixing bowl

Three interchangeable compartments: anti-spill pan, saucepan with water drainage system, mixing bowl. As well as a sieve, lid and steam adapter.

Cutting block

Several types of cut: sliced, cube, grated, chopped and others. All types of food: meat, vegetables, fruits. Detachable blades.


Maximum space optimization to integrate the robot into your kitchen.


Download or create your own dishes using the drag&drop mechanism and an easy-to-use interface.

Save time

Stop wasting time cooking and enjoy good home-made food. Save money by avoiding takeaway food.

Support the Project

We need your help to make the V2 robot

Let us know if you are interested in the project by sending us your email address and/or by making a donation. We will keep you informed of the progress!